First Christian Church of Claremore

(Disciples of Christ)

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Great job Sarah. Wonderful service. Thanks to you all.

Once again I was blessed to share in worship, though a day late. I was especially blessed by Ray's opening song. Thank you Ray!

I am missing Tava and Zach. Also curious as to who the drummer is.

I've been watching but just figured out today, how to access the guest book. Thank you for blessing me as we share worship and sing together.

Wonderful service! Thanks to all. I hope you can continue this with the live services.

Thanks to you all for the meaningful service this morning.

Finally found the guest book. I have so enjoyed the online ministry each Sunday. Fantastic job all of you.

Happy Sunday morning! It will be good to be together again soon! Meanwhile, thanks for providing a very welcome alternative!

Very nice Thank You

He is risen indeed! Happy Easter from our living room! We worshipped this morning as His children, all of us, Bob, Cindy, Mackenzie, Brandon and both dogs(Sam and Ringo). Such a blessing to see and hear your/His praise band. The organist sounded beautiful! We see Easter differently now, through our Easter eyes. We shall See you again in person soon. Planning our visit on a Sunday after the bans have lifted. We really enjoyed seeing your smiling face and hearing your message of Hope. Tell Laurel hello and how much we miss her too. Happy Easter with Love from The Stewarts.

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