First Christian Church of Claremore

(Disciples of Christ)

Charles Ragland - Minister


“It is such a blessing and privilege to pastor this church family! Our members support generously ministries that directly help others. The church’s building is a ‘launch pad for ministries’ to those beyond and within our church family, in the spirit of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Charles began his ministry here in January of 2008. Before and after he answered God’s call to the ministry, he worked for over four years with emotionally disturbed and abused children. A degree in psychology helped equip this Razorback--and Pine Bluff, Arkansas Zebra!--for such rewarding and challenging work.

Pastor Charles and the Rev. Laurel Ragland each grew up in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and were married in 1976. They graduated from Phillips Seminary, were ordained to the ministry, and have served churches in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska. Laurel retired as our Youth and Children’s pastor in 2014.  Son Robert is completing his degree in 3-D Modeling and Animation at OSUIT in Okmulgee. Daughter Elizabeth is a Senior Associate with a company in Washington, D.C. helping non-profit organizations raise funds.   

“PC” enjoys movies, music, major appliance repair, reading, and playing “low-impact” volleyball. He is an amateur audio-tech, and enjoys seeing the Razorbacks win--of course! He serves on the boards of four Claremore non-profit organizations.  

Sean Robinson - Music Director

Sean Robinson leads the praise band and choir on Sunday mornings. Sean and his wife, Teri, have a four kids. 
He's always looking for new musicians and vocalists to join the choir and praise band!

Susan Kotoff - Administrative Assistant



Susan grew up in Somerset, Indiana and was baptized with Church of Christ at Treaty, Indiana.  She met her husband, Jim, while they were in the Navy stationed together in Hawaii.  They have three children: Kristofer, Mathew, Rachel. 

Susan is very active in Girl Scouts.  She is a troop leader.  She is also the Financial Consultant, Fall Product and Cookie Coordinator for 25 troops in Rogers County.   She enjoys sewing quilts when she can find the time to do it. She loves IU basketball.

Susan and family became members of First Christian Church in August 2004. She has served as a Deacon, part of the Education Ministry Team, and was a School Teacher. She has been the Church Administrative Assistant since September 2009.

Amanda Catalano -  Nursery and Young Children's Supervisor

  We welcome Amanda Catalano to the church staff as our highly qualified Nursery and Young Children’s Supervisor. Amanda began serving in this position at the very end of December. She looks after infants and children up to 4 years in our nursery every Sunday beginning at 9:15 for Sunday school, and for worship through 12:15.  Amanda joined our church family several years ago.    In her own words:  “I am currently a Master Teacher at a child development center. I teach 1 year olds. I have been at my job for 5 years and I have worked my way from the bottom up. I started as a float with absolutely no training or schooling. I began taking fulltime classes while at the same time working 40 hours a week and being a fulltime single mom of 2 beautiful boys ages 11 and 6. I was able to obtain my Certificate of Mastery within 2 years.  I am now only 2 classes away from graduating with my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development. In my current organization we are required to attend trainings monthly as well as staying current and up to date on any research and teaching practices.  I believe that young children learn best through play and hands on experiences. I also believe that early childhood teachers and families are the very foundation that prepares children for future learning and developmental milestones. With that being said it is my honor to be working alongside families and their children providing safe, nurturing love and care to the children in my care.”