First Christian Church of Claremore (Disciples of Christ)
I am delighted to share that I have been accepted into the Doctor of Ministry program at Phillips Theological Seminary and begin my first course in January. Here are a few pieces of information that might be helpful for you to know:

What is a Doctor of Ministry degree? A Doctor of Ministry degree, or D.Min., is a professional doctorate designed to facilitate deeper learning beyond the Master of Divinity degree and explores the application of such learning in ministry. I am enrolled in a track that focuses on biblical studies and allows for flexibility in how what I learn can be applied.

How long will the program take? The length of completion varies between 3-6 years. I hope to complete my degree within 4 years.

What does this mean for my schedule? I will take at least one course in the winter, one in the spring, and one in the fall of each year. One week within each season will be a concentrated week, during which I will be in class from 8 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday; this means I will be at Phillips Theological Seminary for three separate weeks throughout the year. For example, my concentrated week in January is January 9-13. Additional work will be assigned before and after that concentrated week. I will direct the time I already put into ongoing learning experiences for professional development, which is required to maintain good standing as an ordained minister, toward my course work. Because practical application of what one learns is an important part of a D.Min. program, what I learn will inform and enhance my church work.

Can members contact you during your concentrated course weeks? I will be in communication with leaders prior to each concentration week to clarify expectations. I will be able to respond to communications in the evenings of my work days.

Why did you enroll in a Doctor of Ministry program? It will not surprise those who regularly attend services and/or who participate in our small group series to know that I love learning and consider ongoing learning to be incredibly important. Living relatively close to Phillips provides the opportunity to work with professors whose scholarship inspires my approach to ministry and biblical interpretations, making this an excellent time to pursue a DMin degree. This is also a season for our family that is conducive to me earning this degree while still being the available spouse and parent I want to be.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch:
My first course in January will be with Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison and is titled "Biblical Message and the Praxis of God: Prophetic Leadership." I can hardly wait.

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