First Christian Church of Claremore (Disciples of Christ)

We had a great group of people volunteer to be on our first worship team. Sherrill, Loretta, Tava, Zach, Trenton, and Krisalynn came to our first meeting, and we laid out some plans for the season. Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the season, and we had a wonderful time of worship, including some prayer stations that helped to make it a meaningful experience for all. We look forward to more great worship experiences through the season as we seek clarity, connection, wonder, justice, and balance together.

I am also excited that we had six people show up for our first bell choir practice on Wednesday, February 15th. We had a lot of fun working through our first rehearsal and always have room for more ringers if you want to give it a try. I am grateful to have so many members who support the music ministry of this congregation in different ways.

I have enjoyed the challenge of moving over to the guitar. I am not nearly the guitarist that Michael is, but I feel like we have been able to keep up with what we need for each Sunday. I do love to learn new songs and teach new songs to the congregation and will continue to do that as we move along. We could use a drummer and would welcome other musicians if you know anyone that might want to play with us.

Together in the Walk,

Sean Robinson
Worship Director

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