First Christian Church of Claremore (Disciples of Christ)
We are excited to welcome Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman on August 28th. She will give a sermon followed by a lunch (organized by Disciples Women) during which she will talk about young adult ministry. 

Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman is hitting the road to talk to church folks anywhere she can about the importance of young adult ministry and how we can do more of it! Heads up—she will try to get you to catch the campus ministry bug and become a financial supporter, but she’ll also invite you into a regular practice of praying for our young adults and considering how you can be a blessing to college students in the area. Michelle is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and has a passion for helping others discover their vocation in the world, the work that makes their heart sing while also meeting the needs of others. She takes great joy in asking people of all ages, how will you serve the world that God loves? 

Ekklesia Campus Ministry is an ecumenical, progressive campus ministry that welcomes Jesus followers, seekers, doubters, interfaith advocates, and people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Ekklesia strives to make our college campuses and world more just, loving, and peaceful through critical thought, prophetic action, and authentic spirituality. Though Ekklesia is affiliated with four mainline protestant denominations, the Disciples of Christ, United Church of Christ, ELCA Lutheran, and PCUSA Presbyterian, they are also a refuge for students of no religious affiliation exploring spirituality and religion, and especially for students who have been harmed in and through religious spaces. Ekklesia offers a safe place to be authentically who and where you are and to experience God’s love and grace through community and belonging. The Ekklesia Campus Minister, Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman, who is also the president of the National Campus Ministry Association, has a dream that every student on every college campus has a sacred space on their campus that is safe and welcoming, where they too can experience the undying love of God without feeling pressured or judged. 


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